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In 2002, this website was launched as a promotional tool, ostesibly for the non-profit organization, the Friends of the Old Lewiston Schoolhouse Library and Museum (FOLSLM), to be sure, but every bit as much for the town of Lewiston, by and large.

Its objectives from the outset have been to tout the amazing historical attributes of the Gold Rush-era town and to promote tourism, as well as to foster public interest in the many aspects of our fine little slice of heaven on earth, all to the benefit of the people of the greater Lewiston area—past, present and future.

Despite the title of this web page's URL, rather than being dedicated to any one institution in our town, the site stands today as a well-rounded testimonial to all the many virtues of Lewiston, California.

It is the hope of this webmaster that all who visit this site, the official website of Lewiston, will come to know the town as representing an important chapter in California history, in what exists today as a vital and thriving community of friends, neighbors and family.


This website, and its sister publicattion, the long-running Lewiston Community Newsletter, remain active serving the residents of Lewiston and all who know and love the town, with current events news and history-themed articles, while reporting on issues of importance and other matters pertaining to the ever-expanding subject of All Things Lewiston.

The Facebook page, "Lewiston NewsandEvents" the recently-birthed "stepsister" if you will, of the other publications, is also a vital resource for anyone interested in keeping up on...well, news and events, and all kinds of other stuff happening in and around Lewiston.

Our town is here to stay. And so, too, its homegrown publications, one and all.

Please keep reading, following, inquiring, learning and caring.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

by J. Alex Kintner

In its many years of activity, this web page, which the people of Lewiston have come to know as "The Lewiston Website", has garnered its share of attention from the community, though not all of it good. A local woman undertook a legal campaign in 2012 to force the webmaster to shut down the site, for reasons all her own. Happily, she failed.

But the woman in question was no stranger to controversy, having targeted other Lewiston residents in years' past with similar frivolous legal maneuvers—in large part, nothing more than thinly veiled attempts at character assassination—all with varying degrees of success. Throughout these campaigns of domination and control, her real victims, though, have all along been the people of our community.

The divisions that exist in our town to this day are due largely to this woman and her few sycophants, who've systematically worked toward the destruction of Lewiston, always with the subterfuge of doing good works, and always with their own selfish motives in place. With objectives that have included self-aggrandizement and personal vendettas—and, oftentimes, even involving individual profit motives—their poorly-disguised efforts have, sadly, only served to weaken our town.

The lesson here: Whenever ostensibly constructive "community improvement" campaigns are put in place that are found to involve motives of self-promotion, vengeance, manipulation or profit on the part of the leadership, and where back scratching and nepotism are clearly the cogs in the machine, while a legion of volunteers are duped into believing that their hard work means all boats are being lifted, as their own blind devotion to the cause and personal need to be a part of something is cynically exploited time and again by their leaders, then that thing must be called what it really is: a cult.

Such is the horror that small town politics brings.

Of course, this type of thing is nothing new here. One need only look to the very origins of this historic mining town to recognize the same avarice and craven behavior among certain Lewiston townsfolk back in the day that forced our own founder, Benjamin Franklin Lewis, to abandon his namesake town for the peaceful confines of Oregon, where he died some thirty years later, in 1900.

But rather than give in to the forces of subversion, many of us today are working to stamp out this latest scourge. Enough people here have become fed up. Enough people have risen above the divisiveness and rancor in Lewiston to work towards making this a better place for all of us. Enough people are finally saying "Not in our town—Never again."

NOTE: The opinions expressed are those of Mr. Kintner and do not necessarily reflect views held by anyone involved in the operation of this site or its affiliate publications.

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